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Being Confined in an Elevator:

It is a common elevator phenomenon. This may occur due to any technical faults in the elevator and due to power-cut at any moment. Indoors you continue to feel tensed and awkward. You should not lose heart at this stage. Keep the following dos and don’ts in mind to get rid of this embarrassing situation.

Do’s – (a) Keep your nerves steady & don’t panic. Don’t breath heavily as this may cause a lack of oxygen and result in suffocation. Don’t breath frequently being panicky. This may ultimately make you out of breath. (b) In every lift small or big there is an emergency alarm. Search for the alarm and push it. Keep yourself cool until the sound of the alarm brings the technicians and rescue personnel to support you. (c) There is another method to ask for assistance. Contact any of your relatives or colleagues or dial the numbers of the emergency services if the mobile network is active. (d) It will be good for the time being to redirect your attention to some other thoughts till assistance comes for your rescue.

Don’ts – (a) It will be completely unwise to show any kind of agitation and jump inside or kick on the door or walls of the elevators. It will make you tired, exhausted and short of breath with no result. And this will certainly make your problem more complicated. (b) Keep this in mind that you should not try to open the elevator door by force. It may prove fatal for you. If the lift starts moving, an accident may happen and cause severe injury. (c) It is also unwise to try to exit. Even if you manage to force open the door a little bit by force, never ever try to escape from the hanging elevators. It may prove life-taking for you. You may fall from the lift and fatal accident may take your life.

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