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Frankson Elevator Company is a superior and leading elevator manufacturing brand popular for its speciality in the production of diversified lifts and escalators. The company has earned a vast reputation in the production and maintenance of versatile lifts for the benefits of mankind. The durability and stylish outlook of our quality elevators have made us grade one elevator brand in India and abroad too. We are highly popular for our Factory Elevators which have marked the progress and prosperity of the companies extensively.

Factory elevators are different from other elevators in terms of construction and load-carrying capacity. These elevators are extensively used to elevate heavy goods and machinery to run a factory smoothly. Hence, these types of elevators must be sturdy and power-packed. Otherwise, they will not be able to carry heavy goods and machines in a smooth manner. These elevators are mainly used to elevate the heavy goods from one end of a factory to another. Most of these elevators run on a hydraulic system. Hence power-packed machines should be there to manage and govern these elevators. Otherwise, fatal accidents may happen and injuries may occur. Many such elevators also elevate goods from one floor of the factory to the others. Besides, this type of elevator is not meant for carrying passengers. They are born and built for elevating heavy goods used in the factory.

Frankson Factory Elevators are really matchless for their durability and load-carrying capacity. But, the most remarkable feature of Frankson Factory Elevators is that they run on superior machines. The machines are so sophisticated that they are extremely powerful but they consume less electricity. The matchless technology utilized by Frankson Elevators enables the Factory Elevators to work on less fuel. This assists the factories to save a lot of energy and this, in turn, saves the finance of the factory. Thus Frankson Factory Elevators play a beneficial role in the production of goods in the factories.

Goods Elevator Product Specifications
1 / 2
Gearless/ frequency-controlled
Down collective and selective collective control
Door width**
750 / 800 mm
Door height
2000 mm (Telescopic opening)
Door opening
Telescopic opening
Vibrant Colours and stainless steel
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