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In the era of science and technology elevators and escalators play a significant role in the arena of elevation and mobility. Frankson Elevator is a leading and pioneer elevator brand that has been engaged to the service of the nation for years. Our elevators and escalators are simply the outcome of our world-class technology and innovation. In the world of elevation we are simply matchless and unique with our versatile forms of elevators. Our dedication to our clients is beyond any question. We serve them in a remarkable way.

Travelator is another form of elevation format in which we have excelled in with flying colours. It is a unique form of elevation unit that carries people horizontally or across an inclined plane for a certain distance. It is known to the people by different names. Some call it moving sidewalk or travolator, some know it by the name of auto-walk or moving pavement. Moving walkway is another name it is popular with. Travelator has brought about a revolution in the arena of mobility and elevation. People just stand on it and it carries them smoothly to their destination. The mechanism that drives an escalator is also behind the technical know-how of a Travelator. It runs on an infinite loop carrying thousands of people from one destination to another in a smooth and steady process.

The Travelators devised and manufactured by Frankson Elevator are simply a class in design and elegance. They are also highly powerful and durable. Plus, they have enough load-carrying capability and can run for long hours without any trouble. In the field of safety, security and Eco-efficiency are travelators, Moving Walkway are simple matchless and also fuel efficient. They consume less fuel and thus save the pocket of the installers. Thus, they fulfill the needs in a fruitful way for years together. Less maintenance is required for our travelators and they are the pride of Frankson Elevator Company.

Travelator Product Specifications
1 / 2
Gearless/ frequency-controlled
Down collective and selective collective control
Door width**
750 / 800 mm
Door height
2000 mm (Telescopic opening)
Door opening
Telescopic opening
Vibrant Colours and stainless steel
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