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Hydraulic Elevator Overview
Frankson Hydraulic Elevator
A Rare Combination of Elegant and Thoughtful Design.

Frankson Elevator is a renowned and popular name in the world of elevators in India. We have been in the industry of elevators serving the nation with our versatile kinds of elevators to cater to the needs of different sectors of people. Among our highly popular and technologically smart application, the name of Hydraulic Elevator can never be overestimated. It is an example of our superior technology and sophisticated design. We have been in the industry of elevators for years and we have gained much experience and expertise in the field of elevators.

The technology that runs a Hydraulic Elevator is very simple. A piston powers the elevator that remains inside a cylinder. The piston goes up and down to elevate the things. Hydraulic oil is pumped into the cylinder to elevate the piston up and down. Good technology is required to regulate all the process of installation of this kind of elevator. This type of elevators is used particularly 5 to 6 storied buildings. This elevation is also used in the factory and in automobile elevator. Hydraulic Elevator runs at a speed of 200 feet per minute and is regarded as a safe and secure elevation mode.

Frankson Elevator has excelled in the manufacturing of top quality Hydraulic elevator in class and design. The elevators we produce are of top grade and less trouble-free. As a result, they also need less maintenance. The maintenance charge is also pocket-friendly and easily affordable.

Our hydraulic elevators can be grouped into three categories. One is Holed Hydraulic and the other two are Hole-Less Hydraulic and Roped Hydraulic. All our hydraulic elevators are safe, secure and the outcome of befitting technology. They serve the clients very well and fulfill all their requirements. Thus, if you need good quality Hydraulic Elevators, Frankson Elevator is there to assist you.

Hydraulic Elevator Product Specifications
1 / 2
Gearless/ frequency-controlled
Down collective and selective collective control
Door width**
750 / 800 mm
Door height
2000 mm (Telescopic opening)
Door opening
Telescopic opening
Vibrant Colours and stainless steel
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