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Frankson Elevator for Hotel
A Superb Combination of Elegance and Durability.

Frankson is a leading and reliable elevator manufacturer assisting the country with the introduction of manifold kinds of elevators and escalators to assist the people in moving between the floors in a safe and smooth manner. In this process, the company helps thousands of people in making their move in a steady, fast and secure process. Hotel Elevator is a unique form of an elevator that is used popularly in different star hotels for the benefits of thousands of customers and hotel staff.

A leading and popular hotel hosts thousands of customers who use to take accommodation in the hotel for a stay for a few days or more. They take the hospitality of the hotel, fulfil their jobs and then return to their destination. And if a star hotel does not consist of an elevator facility, its reputation is badly destroyed and people will not avail the accommodation in the hotel. The hotel will soon lose its fame in the market. A star hotel consists of many floors and it is not possible for the people to move between the floors of a building which may have 10 to 15 floors or even more. Besides, why should people elect such a hotel of high cost which does not have lift facilities? Certainly not. Hence, a reputed hotel installs elevators of good quality to provide fruitful accommodation to the guests.

Frankson Elevators is a gem in the field of manufacturing international quality elevators for the hotels. Lifts are used in good hotels day in and day out. They carry thousands of people throughout the years. Hence, they should be durable and powerful in construction and elegant in style. The hotel elevators we design are stylish in texture and durable enough to withstand a load of thousands of people for years. Numerous reputed hotels are on the list of our successful clients.

Hotel Elevator Product Specifications
1 / 2
Gearless/ frequency-controlled
Down collective and selective collective control
Door width**
750 / 800 mm
Door height
2000 mm (Telescopic opening)
Door opening
Telescopic opening
Vibrant Colours and stainless steel
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