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Elevators are modern wonders. They are the latest boon of science and technology. They are great benefactors of mankind. From the time of their inception and formation, elevators have been assisting mankind in manifold ways. With the passage of time, elevators have been vastly updated, and now they are doing miracles in the arena of transportation of goods and passengers. With the assistance of science and technology, elevators have been vastly upgraded, and they have become an integral part of our regular life. Now elevators are not regarded as a luxury item; they are widely utilised in numerous places, so great are their utilities. Nowadays, different types of elevators are available in the industry of elevators. Different types of elevators perform different jobs, but their chief role remains the same, and that is to assist people in the realm of transportation. 


  1. Building Elevators: This type of elevator is normally installed to transport the people vertically within the floors of a big building. These elevators are frequently observed in all multistoried buildings, multiplexes, corporate houses, and also in public buildings. The staple purpose of these elevators is to carry people within the floors of the high rise building. Sometimes, they are used to carry loads also. Thus, these types of elevators are very powerful, and their carrying capacities can be increased and decreased according to the requirement of lifting the persons. According to the size of the building, the capacity of such elevators is fixed. These elevators benefit us in manifold ways in the field of elevation of man and loads. They assist the people in moving between the floors of the building, especially to those who are children, aged and have problems climbing the stairs.

  1. Capsule Lifts: These are highly sophisticated and elegant elevators highly used in many prestigious buildings, hotels, multiplexes, and also in the corporate houses and shopping malls. The special characteristics of this elevator are its attractive and alluring outlook that snatches the hearts of all. These elevators add beauty and charm to the buildings where they are installed. The installation of these lucrative elevators adds charm and delicacy to the buildings where they are installed. These elevators are not vast in size. They can not also carry lots of people at a time, but the showcase of this lift is really elegant and alluring, and they look splendid being made of transparent glass with the structure of metals. 


  1. Goods Elevators: Goods elevators are very much important and significant kind of elevators. These elevators are very powerful and bigger in size. They are used in different places like factories, big hotels, corporate houses, and shopping malls for the lifting of goods between the floors of the multiplexes. These lifts are driven by electricity and have heavy load carrying capacities. Though these elevators are not lucrative in design and outlook, they are highly beneficial as they assist us in carrying tons of loads vertically, which would really be an impossible matter for the common people. Normally, these elevators do not carry people in a normal situation.


  1. Hospital Elevators: This kind of elevator is normally used in hospitals and nursing homes to carry the patients and stretchers and also medicines and other medical equipment. They also assist in carrying the doctors and patients between the floors of the multistoried hospitals. They help in carrying the patients from one floor to another for treatment and diagnosis. These lifts also help the doctors to visit their patients who are admitted there on different floors. Without the support of these elevators, these jobs would have been really difficult to perform and really toilsome.


  1. MRL Elevators: MRL Elevators are unique kinds of elevators as they have no machine room installed within the elevators, and hence they look really alluring and lucrative. This type of elevator is installed in prestigious buildings and multistoried palaces. These lifts are less-powerful in design and strength, and so they can carry a fewer amount of people at a time. Yet, the attractive designs of the elevators have them so popular in the industry of elevators.


  1. Escalators: Escalators are moving staircase moving upwards or downwards with a heavy load carrying capacities. These are the modern miracles of science and technology, and they can carry a lot of people at a time. They are driven by electricity and are vastly powerful. These types of elevators work with the help of a motor-driven chain and carry lots of people between the floors of a multistoried building. Escalators are extensively used in shopping malls, eminent corporate houses, in metro stations, and airports. They carry thousands of people a day in an extensive manner.


In addition to these, there are numerous other elevators which are used widely in different sectors in our everyday life. These elevators include Hydraulic Elevators, Pneumatic Elevators, Traction Elevators, Freight Elevators, Residential Elevators, and others. All these elevators are very much beneficial to our day to day life.

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